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Kitchen Runner Roundup

Hey, hey, I told ya I'd be back this week with a runner roundup! I'm very lucky to have found the rug that I did because the size is perfect for our kitchen, it's striped, and the colors go with everything else in our house. That being said, I really love these rugs shown below as well and I've chosen a few that are neutral and some that are more colorful (my faves). 

Babbling no. 3

B and I are convinced there's a gas leak in the house... we've been SO tired. I guess it doesn't help that I'm 8 months pregnant and sleep like crap most nights and he's been working non-stop and hasn't had a vacation in a very long time. Oh and the sun rarely comes out these days. Anyways, enough complaining about how tired we are... how are you?! 

Things have been going well over here. Nothing super exciting happening at the house, just going on with our day to day lives. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday which included an ultrasound and a stress test. It was so nice to see baby boy on the screen... he even stuck his tongue out during it, haha, and we passed the stress test with "flying colors." I'll be going to the doctors twice a week starting this week until I give birth because of my age (35) and my BP. 

I also (finally) ordered a sample window shade. I've been looking into matchstick/bamboo blinds for a while now... I told B I was going to order one weeks ago but I couldn't make up my mind what one to buy. I've been VERY indecisive lately (not sure if it's a pregnancy thing or just my life in general). I figured I'd just buy one for now, see if we like it, and either return it or order more. I just want to make sure the color and quality is right. We won't be adding them to every room though... mostly just bedrooms and maybe the den. I'd also like to add curtains because I like the layered look when it comes to window treatments. 

We still need to order a dining room table since we moved ours into the office - it was technically a desk when B bought it but we had our friend (who's the maker - iron and oak domestics) switch out the legs so we could use it as a dining table. I have a few tables I like, but AGAIN cannot make a decision. For now, B set up the chairs around an invisible table and it makes me laugh every time I walk by. Oh and B's been making really lovely dinners once a week so we've been eating in the office and shutting the doors so the animals stay out, haha. 

Anyways, I had a number of people reach out to me about the runner in our kitchen so I've decided to do a roundup of cute runners similar to ours. I'm sorry to say ours is vintage from Etsy and the shop that I bought it at a million months ago is now closed (so strange how often that happens). So stay tuned this week for that post! 

Babbling no. 2

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a little house/life update this week (also know the pic below has nothing to do with the post, I just love how huge my monstera has gotten, haha)!

We had Finch custom painting over almost all of last week to paint our shiplapped ceilings (in the den and nursery) and to do some touch-ups around the house since we had a drywaller come out before Christmas to patch our wall cold air returns, attic fan and other random holes around here (I forgot to update you guys on that last week). Before anyone asks, we moved our wall cold air returns to our baseboards because I hated the sight of vents on the walls (they were always in the most impractical spots). As for the attic fan, I felt it was an eyesore because it was right at the top of the stairs on the second floor and it was the first thing you saw when you looked up (it had to go!). 

We then spent most of the weekend cleaning and tidying everything up. We put the rug down that we had bought long ago for the den so it feels cozier in there and I organized the bookshelves a bit (not perfect, but it looks better)... things are starting to come together a bit more which feels nice. We're still trying to figure out window treatments since the baby will be here soon and we'll need a nice dark, room for him to sleep in, plus it'll make the rooms look a bit more finished. 

I have to admit, I was having a bit of anxiety the other night thinking about all of the stuff I still need to do before baby boy comes. I know it's silly but I have it in my head that he'll be here early and I'm just like oh my gosh, I need a car seat! I need to wash his clothes! Find a pediatrician! Make a bunch of freezer meals! Make a birth plan and a plan for Georgie! So instead of really freaking out about it, I did what I do best... I made a list and have been crossing things off and getting stuff done. And you guys, I've been washing baby clothes all day and have been freaking out about how cute and tiny they are! I can't even handle it! Oh, I also want to say thanks again for those of you on instagram who helped with car seat suggestions. We ended up going with the Nuna Pipa (which funny enough is the one I was going to buy, but I wanted valid reviews of its' greatness, haha). 

Also, one more thing about baby boy. If you're curious if we have a name picked out, we actually have two that we really like. The grandma's are already calling him the fan favorite (it's in the lead anyway), but I don't want to reveal it until he's here. Any guesses?