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One week anniversary

Wow, you guys. We're married!

It's crazy that 8 days ago we were packing up the car and heading up north. I can remember last Wednesday like it was yesterday. I woke up bright and early and got Georgie ready for daycare/boarding. The second he started eating breakfast a crazy thunderstorm rolled in. Not thinking I threw a pair of moccasins on and we ran out the door. After dropping him off, I ran a ton of errands (including buying the flowers for the wedding) and eventually made it home. I took my soaking wet shoes off only to find that my feet were stained from the suede, hahahaha. Of course right? B was a saint and packed up the car with everything we needed and I packed our suitcases. We grabbed some lunch then hit the road. Once we made it up north and dropped our bags off at our airbnb we ran to B's sisters house to cut some ferns for the centerpieces, then we stopped by my parents house to visit with them and the rest of my family that came over. We finaaaally went back to our airbnb and passed out.

Going to the chapel

And we're gonna get married. Well, technically our venue is at a farm and we're going to get married outside then have dinner in a barn, but same difference.

Photo by Alicia Gbur

Holy moly, these past few weeks have flown by and we've just been so busy it's hard to get house stuff done at all. My big plan was to have the library finished, closets done and wallpaper down and walls painted before the wedding. I'm clearly hilarious. The library cases are almost done (1 more to go) and I still have a few shelves to prime then I'll paint all of them. Obviously this will be done after the wedding because we're getting married on THURSDAY! Of course I've been sick for the past few days... I've been doing a whole lot of nothing mixed in with last minute wedding details and I'm just so excited to get a break and to stay in a house that's not under construction (see where we're staying in this post). I'm also excited to see my future husband for five days straight.

Anyways, wish us luck, and next time I post I'll be a Mrs!!! SO EXCITED!

Friday Things

Here's a little mockup I made of what our library will look like once it's all painted (clearly I'm a photoshop pro, haha). Two out of the six built in bookcases have been painted so far and I plan on finishing the rest this weekend. I'm super obsessed with this color! Everything will be painted and the shelves will be hung but the finishing moulding pieces surrounding the shelves will have to wait until the hardwood floors are installed. We also plan on adding some brass library lights at the top of the bookcases (just in case you were wondering what those gold things were). 

Aside from the library - which I'm sure you're sick of reading about - B and I have a lot of little things to do before the wedding (which is less than TWO weeks away). Today we're going to get our wedding bands (obviously this is a necessity), figure out vases for flowers, figure out what we're doing for place cards, playlist, booze, etc... 

We're also heading to Dexter, MI to check out some Amish made kitchen cabinets. We loved our old cabinets in previous house from cabinets.com but we are looking for inset cabinets so we're going to check out the quality and finishes.

Do you guys have any fun things planned?!