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Kitchen Cabinet Install Part 1

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about our kitchen. We've spent 5 months without one (which is nuts) so you can imagine how thrilled I am to start cooking again.

It all started yesterday when B called up our friend (and extremely talented furniture maker) Jason to help with the cabinet install. B had to finish up a coat of paint on the ceiling first so he did that in the morning. I left to go grab some bagels a little while later and when I came back he was installing the lights. Jason came over around noon and they got to work right away. Over the course of five hours basically all of our cabinets were in the kitchen. The uppers had been installed as well as some of the lowers but they moved everything into place and after Jason left we tidied up the kitchen and I had washed the floors because they were filthy from all of the drywall dust. We spent hours last night staring at it.

The kitchen a few weeks ago

Major improvement
Last night
Jason is back over today so expect another update in a few days and the plumber/electrician will be over either tomorrow or Wednesday so we'll be able to hook up our stove and dishwasher (THANK GOD!). Stay tuned!!!

This morning (also, how cute is that plate rack?!)

Cabinet Update

Finally! A house update!

You guys, our cabinets are here and they're even prettier than we imagined! B and Georgie took a road trip to Amish-ville on Friday to pick them up and now our living room is full of cabinets and we couldn't be happier. We hired a drywaller (who is coming over today) to help B with the kitchen walls which are a complete disaster thanks to our electrician.

We're planning on putting up vertical shiplap (surprise, surprise) as our backsplash to keep with the rest of the house. As for countertops, we're thinking about going with Caesarstone. The kitchen cabinet installation shouldn't take tooooo long, so I can survive without countertops as long as I have a working dishwasher and stove. We're SO close!

Our kitchen lights should be arriving soon as well. We ordered two of the Factory 4 lights (in black) from Schoolhouse as our overhead lighting and two of the satellite sconces with these shades for our above the sink lighting. We also plan on doing Hue lightstrips as our under cabinet lighting. This kitchen is gonna be lit!

I'm just so excited to see white walls and clean floors!

Christmas Traditions

I'm sitting here sipping hot chocolate and watching Miracle on 34th Street (the original, obvs) and am blown away that Christmas is NINE days away! While I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit, I'm sad that I've hardly decorated for it. We didn't even cut down a tree this year... instead we bought the pokiest (literally) little tree at Kroger on a whim and I didn't even put ornaments on it (who am i?!). I'm also thoroughly convinced our neighbors think we're white trash because our yard still has leaves on it, our bushes still need to be pruned and we have zero lights up. B and I were talking about it yesterday and we can't wait to blow them away next year with our transformation. Like, I promise to take care of the yard once the inside is done-ish.

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