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Kitchen Plans

Warning! When a guy from Craigslist says he'll rip out your hardwood floors for free in 3 days and haul them away, don't believe him! Let's just say he came by and did very little to the point that B ripped out the rest of the flooring (with the exception of our bedroom) and now we have a giant pile of hardwood flooring hanging out in the front of our house because guess who was supposed to come pick it up yesterday but didn't?! Thank God for Bagsters (although I'm not sure all of this will fit in one but we'll find out today).

Anyways, I'm here to show you our finalized kitchen plans (finally!). B and George went out to Amish country the other day to drop off our sink and to visit the farm where are cabinets are going to be made, while I stayed home and painted the living room (believe it or not I wanted to). This process is taking a lot longer than planned but we're super excited because our cabinets are going to be started tomorrow! YAY! 

Why Amish made cabinets? Basically it comes down to the fact that they're made by hand out of real wood, they'll last longer than most cabinets, we can get inset cabinets at a fraction of the price AND they'll give our kitchen an authentic look (remember, we're trying to age our house, haha). We worked with Anna from Branch Hill Joinery to make this kitchen design exactly what we want and she did a wonderful job.

If this doesn't make any sense to you, just hold tight and wait for the reveal! Also, stay tuned for our laundry room plans which I'll show you later this week. Happy Monday!

Our weekend

Well, we officially had a super busy weekend around here. We got a ton of stuff done which felt really good and we can finally see some progress being made. The hardwood floor removal guy managed to do as little as possible when he decided to show up on Saturday so Brandon removed the hardwood flooring in the den, library and great room. B also managed to drywall the bottom half of the den so we can hang the shiplap that he and Nick made. He's my hero and in all honesty I have no idea how he's standing right now. He keeps telling me how hard of a worker I am, but he's seriously the hardest worker I've ever met in my life.

Meanwhile, I primed the windows in the den as well as the great room and managed to rip out a tiny portion of the floors myself. I also primed the edges of the shiplap so it'll be easier to paint once it's nailed to the walls.

B and Nick hung a few boards of shiplap today just to see how it looks and we're beyond excited about it. The plan tomorrow is to make more shiplap for the ceiling in the den and to start hanging more to the walls (hopefully). Stay tuned!

Flooring progress

Things are happening! The guy removing our hardwood flooring (also known as Mike from Craigslist) came over today and started ripping the boards out and although the house is the hottest mess in the world, it's nice to see such big things happening. It's hard to tell in these photos but we cleared out all of the rooms upstairs and shoved everything into the master bedroom, which is the biggest disaster of them all. I'm pretty sure I told you guys a month ago my packed suitcase from our wedding weekend was laying in the bedroom and guess what? It's STILL there. Along with bags and bags of clothes and the guest bedroom mattress and whatever else we could fit (including the library couch). You guys, renovating is fun (but forreal, we do love it)! Anyways, we're unfortunately not going to have the new hardwood flooring installed until the beginning of September but that's ok because there's plenty to do around here.