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Babbling no. 6

Hi friends! Hope you're having a good week so far :)

I have some crazy news... baby boy will be here in a little over two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! Is your mind blown because I know mine is! Also, if you're wondering how I know this, well our little dude is still breech so I will be having a c-section. I'm still birthing a baby, just in a different way and I am so excited to meet him!

Anyways, if you've been watching our stories on instagram, you probably saw an unexpected/semi-unplanned project starting - we're painting the nursery! We used Farrow & Ball's 'Green Blue' as an accent in my closet (where my shoes are to be exact) and I talked to B about possibly painting the nursery the same color, which he was all for. But of course time slipped away and we got busy with other things and it wasn't until I took out the sample pot to try on our guest room bed that I really considered it again. 

So here we are. I realized the other day that the space between the boards is still white and it's really hard to get in there with a paint brush so B went out and bought a paint sprayer to make things a little easier on this big ol' pregnant lady. Hoping to get this paint project wrapped up by the weekend.

We also decided on a color for our guest bed which I'm super excited for Joe Finch to paint! Oh and our master bed came (did I tell you this already?) and we picked out a color for that as well. 

Oh and I don't think I showed you all the finished wallpaper in the nursery closet (unless you saw it on instagram) - but we're OBSESSED! 

Babbling no. 5

Happy Tuesday! I feel like this year is already flying by, I can't believe it's already February! 

This last week has been more of the same... preparing for baby boy. I got a wake up call on Saturday morning when my girlfriend, who is due the day after me (I'm due March 17th, she's due March 18th), texted me that her water broke at 3am and that she was in labor. My heart stopped - I was in complete shock! Luckily her and her baby girl are fine and healthy, but it really made me realize this little dude can come (much) earlier than planned. I immediately started packing my hospital bag... if there's one thing you need to know about me it's that I hate not being prepared for something. 

Little man won't be sleeping in his nursery any time soon, but I just want to have everything clean and organized and ready to go. All of his clothes are washed (with the best smelling baby laundry detergent - we're obsessed with the Laundress), his changing area is ready and the only other thing we reaaaaaally need to do is get my car cleaned out (damn dog!) and install the car seat. 

We had our wallpaper lady come yesterday to install the wallpaper in the nursery closet, so today I'm planning on painting the trim around the interior door in the closet and B will install the closet rod so I can hang up baby's tiny adorable clothes. I have to say that I'm obsessed with the wallpaper. We bought it when we first found out I was pregnant so we've had it for a while. I went back and forth though trying to figure out if I really liked it/it would go with our decor. I bought a bunch of other samples of wallpaper but in the end I said screw it... let's stick with the original and I'm so glad we did!

Other than nursery stuff, I focused on cleaning the upstairs on Saturday and I deep cleaned the kitchen on Sunday. Our master bed got delivered on Saturday and B set it up yesterday (you can see the footboard up against the wall in the photos above... I'll get better pics of it this week). We plan on painting it... we were going to paint it black but we may paint it something different and fun. Again, lots of paint choices need to be picked out still, but clearly I have baby on the brain so all I can think about is the nursery, haha. 

Anyways, our furnaces and AC get installed today and I have errands and things to do. Hope you all enjoy this series... it's fun for me to just babble and talk about all of the things that have been going on in an informal way. 

Babbling no. 4

Hello again! I'm a day late for the "babbling" series, but at least I showed up! Here's what's been happening around here over the last week:

We had our HVAC guy come out last week to check our humidifiers (and furnaces & AC units)... it's been super dry in the house and B wants to make sure these things work before baby comes. The units are almost at the end of their lives and are working totally fine, but just to be safe, we've decided to get all new furnaces, AC's, humidifiers AND hot water heater (we have dual heating and cooling systems so that's why I keep using plurals, haha). These should be installed sometime next week.

As most of you saw on instagram, I finally put down the rug I bought for the entryway. Still debating on whether or not I like it there. It's definitely a fun pop of color although it's not technically my "style" - which is stripes, plaids, etc... - but I think it's good to branch out. We were originally going to put a bench in the entryway but I don't think there's quite enough room for that (unless I find a super small one). I also plan on hanging up a mirror or artwork at some point - again, taking our time decorating this house.

My sister came for a super impromptu visit this past weekend and it was really nice to see her. She wanted to see us before the baby comes so we had a nice time catching up (unfortunately I didn't take any photos while she was here because I'm really bad/good? about being/not being on my phone when people are here). 

I haven't been sleeping well lately... damn pregnancy insomnia! But my doctors appointments are going well and baby boy is doing great although he's currently in a breech position (hopefully he'll figure out he's supposed to be head down soon). I even found out my induction date the other day! That has put me in overdrive to get all of the baby things crossed off my list. I ordered and received our bedside bassinet (which is so cute!), I'm finishing up the window seat cushions, I called the wallpaper lady, and I'm planning on packing my hospital bag this week because you never know if he'll come early! I also (finally) opened up the carseat and putzed around with that. I bought an adapter to use the carseat with our stroller and it was extremely easy to set up. I even practiced putting "baby" in it (with my childhood stuffed bunny), haha. 

Anyways, sorry to be talking so much about baby boy, we're just so excited and it's all I can think about!