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Moodboard: First floor bathroom

I am pleased to announce that our bathroom guys have come back from their other job to finish our bathroom! We are beyond excited to get this done considering demo started in June! Anyways, I just wanted to share the fixtures and ideas for this bathroom. Originally we were going to paint the horizontal beadboard and walls the same color, but I wasn't a fan of the color I picked out once it was actually up on the beadboard. It was too "beachy" looking if that makes any sense (this was the color). So, I went with white (surprise, surprise) and ordered some samples of wallpaper which I haven't received yet (but I'm thinking I'll really like the one above).

Picking out bathroom stuff isn't really our cup of tea... kitchen stuff, absolutely! It took us forever to figure out the fixtures (all metal is in polished nickel) and tile but I'm thinking we're going to be very happy with our decisions.

Our latest "project"

Happy September, friends! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I'm here to tell you about our latest "project" - we're having a BABY! If you follow us on instagram, this is old news (I announced it on Labor Day when we did a mini house tour... which is saved to our igtv). 

We're over to the moon about it and I'm so excited I can finally announce it! I'm feeling a lot better now that I'm in my second trimester, but overall I had a pretty ok first trimester compared to most women. I felt nauseous for about a month or so and was suuuuuuper tired (basically I didn't get off the couch). But my energy level is on the up and up so I'm ready to start nesting and getting this house finished. Lots of big things have been happening over here and I can't wait to go through and take some proper photos of everything. Anyways, just wanted to pop in to share the big news! Like always, stay tuned for more!

Back porch ideas

I realize that summer is almost over (kind of), but I wanted to show you some furniture I'm thinking about ordering for our back porch. I actually can't wait to sit out back on cool fall mornings with a cup of coffee and take in the fresh air.

Our back porch is such a long, skinny area, it was kind of hard trying to figure out the placement of furniture. I have two different options (specifically for the dining area) and I just need to figure out which will be best for us. We're either going to go with the round table and wooden folding chairs or the biergarten table (the one below is new but we're also considering getting an old set).