Babbling no. 6

Hi friends! Hope you're having a good week so far :)

I have some crazy news... baby boy will be here in a little over two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! Is your mind blown because I know mine is! Also, if you're wondering how I know this, well our little dude is still breech so I will be having a c-section. I'm still birthing a baby, just in a different way and I am so excited to meet him!

Anyways, if you've been watching our stories on instagram, you probably saw an unexpected/semi-unplanned project starting - we're painting the nursery! We used Farrow & Ball's 'Green Blue' as an accent in my closet (where my shoes are to be exact) and I talked to B about possibly painting the nursery the same color, which he was all for. But of course time slipped away and we got busy with other things and it wasn't until I took out the sample pot to try on our guest room bed that I really considered it again. 

So here we are. I realized the other day that the space between the boards is still white and it's really hard to get in there with a paint brush so B went out and bought a paint sprayer to make things a little easier on this big ol' pregnant lady. Hoping to get this paint project wrapped up by the weekend.

We also decided on a color for our guest bed which I'm super excited for Joe Finch to paint! Oh and our master bed came (did I tell you this already?) and we picked out a color for that as well. 

Oh and I don't think I showed you all the finished wallpaper in the nursery closet (unless you saw it on instagram) - but we're OBSESSED! 

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