Babbling no. 4

Hello again! I'm a day late for the "babbling" series, but at least I showed up! Here's what's been happening around here over the last week:

We had our HVAC guy come out last week to check our humidifiers (and furnaces & AC units)... it's been super dry in the house and B wants to make sure these things work before baby comes. The units are almost at the end of their lives and are working totally fine, but just to be safe, we've decided to get all new furnaces, AC's, humidifiers AND hot water heater (we have dual heating and cooling systems so that's why I keep using plurals, haha). These should be installed sometime next week.

As most of you saw on instagram, I finally put down the rug I bought for the entryway. Still debating on whether or not I like it there. It's definitely a fun pop of color although it's not technically my "style" - which is stripes, plaids, etc... - but I think it's good to branch out. We were originally going to put a bench in the entryway but I don't think there's quite enough room for that (unless I find a super small one). I also plan on hanging up a mirror or artwork at some point - again, taking our time decorating this house.

My sister came for a super impromptu visit this past weekend and it was really nice to see her. She wanted to see us before the baby comes so we had a nice time catching up (unfortunately I didn't take any photos while she was here because I'm really bad/good? about being/not being on my phone when people are here). 

I haven't been sleeping well lately... damn pregnancy insomnia! But my doctors appointments are going well and baby boy is doing great although he's currently in a breech position (hopefully he'll figure out he's supposed to be head down soon). I even found out my induction date the other day! That has put me in overdrive to get all of the baby things crossed off my list. I ordered and received our bedside bassinet (which is so cute!), I'm finishing up the window seat cushions, I called the wallpaper lady, and I'm planning on packing my hospital bag this week because you never know if he'll come early! I also (finally) opened up the carseat and putzed around with that. I bought an adapter to use the carseat with our stroller and it was extremely easy to set up. I even practiced putting "baby" in it (with my childhood stuffed bunny), haha. 

Anyways, sorry to be talking so much about baby boy, we're just so excited and it's all I can think about!

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