Babbling no. 1

Hi friends! How are you? I've decided to start a weekly post called "babbling" where I literally babble about the house and what's going on. Yes, I already do that in my posts, but I want it to be more casual, perhaps more personal and just keep you updated on the progress being made.

Things are going really well over here. The house projects are starting to slow down a bit and we're really trying to focus on finishing details that need to be done in most rooms (paint touchups, etc...), but I'm almost ready to lay down rugs and decorate! It's funny because B was talking the other day about how our house is just so white, but it's better to have a blank slate to start and that we can paint once we figure out what we actually want to do with each room... so stay tuned for more color (and wallpaper?!).

It feels like it's taken forever to get to this point, but in all reality we've been in the house for a little over a year and a half. I'm super excited to actually "live" comfortably in the house, haha (if that makes any sense). We ordered two new beds - one for the master and another for the guest room - the guest room bed has arrived and we love it, but we're trying to figure out what color to paint it because dark wood isn't our style. Also, we moved into the master bedroom about a month ago and I finally got to bust out the bedding and pillows I bought at the beginning of the pandemic (they're lovely, btw!). We also bought a new mattress, because the one that we were using was on it's last leg. It's seriously so comfy, I love it. Oh and our bed should be here at the end of this month, which I'm excited about.

The nursery is done, furniture-wise, but I need to add a rug, window treatments and artwork. We also need to get the closet wallpapered and hang the closet rod so I can hang some of the adorable clothing I've received (and let's be honest... bought). I made a super cute bedroll for the window seat in the nursery (if you follow along on instagram you probably saw the story - if not, I'll be posting a nursery tour once the room is done) that fit's the spot perfectly. B finished shiplapping the ceiling by the window seat area and Finch custom painting came over to paint it and it looks awesome! It's such a cute, cozy, space. We also hired someone to make custom molding for the arched window, so we're still waiting on that... then the room will officially be finished and ready for baby!

Speaking of nursery, I can't believe I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant... I feel like time has flown by! I've been feeling great aside from the dreaded stuffy nose that won't seem to go away and indigestion that doesn't quit. I can still semi-tie my shoes and that's a victory in itself! I'm so excited to meet baby boy but am also trying to enjoy these last days of it just being us. 

Anyways, just wanted to give a quick update! Hope you all are doing well. Stay tuned for more posts coming this month :)

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