Our year in photos

Wow! I can't believe it's the last day of 2020. I know that it's been a rough one, but I find it best to look at the positives that have come out of this year. We've had our ups and downs but we have made it through and I'm here to show you some of my favorite parts of it (please forgive me as these are all iphone photos and mostly unedited). 


I took a much needed social media break. B painted the kitchen walls after we had some drywall work done, installed the lights and prepped everything for cabinet installation (which our friend Jason helped B with). Also, for some reason our living room looked better back then than it does now, haha. 


I focused on painting all of the windows which took forever (... at least it felt like it) and we checked out countertops. B was super busy with work so this was a slow month of house progress.


We had a few doors installed (unfortunately the guys couldn't come back because they got super busy with another job, then COVID hit). Our laundry room floors were demo'd and the bluestone was installed. The state basically shut down because of COVID and things were scary and uncertain and the plans I made for B's 40th birthday were cancelled. B raked and collected all of the random sticks in our yard. He also bought a log splitter... it was a big year for fires. I ventured to the grocery store and bought all of the groceries. I also made a ton of soup, read, cross-stitched and practiced making baskets. 


Lots of house progress was made this month. B worked on shiplapping the den ceiling, he made and installed window trim, built out almost all of the closets, installed the laundry room lights, and started working on the library bookcases. Meanwhile I worked outside in the yard, painted a ton and worked on making masks for friends and family. Oh and I shaved B's face because I wanted to see what he looked like without a beard (oh so cute!).


B finished building out the library bookcases, I spackled, sanded, caulked and painted them out, then we had an electrician install the lights. B started working on the master closets and put up the peg rail in the kitchen. Our back porch carpet was pulled up, the screened panels were taken off, and the stone guys prepped everything for the bluestone. 


The stone guys finished the back porch and B finished installing the bookshelves. The guys working on our first floor bathroom demo'd and installed drywall. We took a couple trips up north... one in early June for our anniversary and the other later in the month to go camping with my sister (which unfortunately got rained out). 


I feel like a ton happened in July. Our master bathroom started to get demo'd by the bathroom guys, we were introduced to Eric who ended up working at our house for months (much progress was made because of him - he installed the rest of the doors, door trim, baseboard moulding, laundry room cabinets, etc... ), I found out I was pregnant! (i took a test and it had a very faint second line, then i took another test a week later and it was confirmed), our countertops got installed, our front walkway was redone, our new front door was delivered (but was wrong, so we had it sent back) and we had random things painted around the house by the great Finch Custom Painting.


Our stone guy went rogue on our yard after renting a bobcat (for the back walkway which still isn't done, haha). He assumed we wanted all of the weeds and random plants gone, but honestly, we couldn't get mad about it - it worked out for the best! The funny part is that it was a huge surprise to us... we got home and everything was gone. Eric installed the new newel posts and spindles which made a huge difference. He also rebuilt the stairs and installed the new treads. Our first floor bathroom beadboard was installed as well as the toilet. And the best part of August was that we got to see baby boy for the first time at our ultrasound!


Finch Custom Painting did a ton of things around the house (I was suuuuuuuper over painting), including painting our handrails, spindles, newel posts and risers (which made such a huge impact!), the flooring of our first floor shower was tiled and our new dining chairs came! We also announced on social media that I was pregnant! 


Our front door was delivered (and correct!) so that was installed and Finch came over to paint it. I busted out the sewing machine and re-did the underside of the couch to make it look cute and made a bedroll for the window seat in the nursery. I also hit my 20 week mark and put on real clothes to take a photo, haha. B finished installing the trim in his closet and started working on mine a bit more. We carved pumpkins and were haunted by some pretty cute ghosts on Halloween morning. 


B finished the master closets (best thing ever!)! He did the spackling and sanding and I did the caulking (and spackle touch-ups). We both worked on painting the closets and got it done in a couple of days... finally being able to put our clothes away was huge. My birthday came and B made me pancakes for breakfast (I love pancakes) and we just had a nice relaxing day. A week or so later we went up north to visit my family and check out a cute little cabin. For Thanksgiving we stayed home and I made dinner. The day after we went to the tree farm and chopped down a tree, then came home and decorated. Oh, and at some point in November we both got new phones so my photos got a little better, haha. 


Holy moly, we made it! This past month B finished shiplapping the den ceiling (photos coming soon - after it's done being painted) and the nursery ceiling, he re-did the front closet and we officially moved into the master bedroom! We also received and set up our new guest bed and got our nursery dresser in the mail 2 days ago (crib is coming next week!). A drywaller came over before Christmas and patched around the front door, where the cold air returns were (we moved them to the baseboard) and where the attic fan was. Christmas was nice and relaxing... we woke up to snow (which we were thrilled about), made pancakes, opened presents, went for multiple walks and watched movies. It was lovely. Tonight we're celebrating New Years Eve by watching the Twilight Zone and cheersing with sparkling water, haha. So Happy New Year friends! I'm sorry for the longest post ever, but I hope you've enjoyed it :) 

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