Window Trim

Amidst all of the other projects we have going on, we got a delivery of lumber for our trim and baseboard and a new router table for Brandon. He wanted to test out the bit on his new router table and once he started going he couldn't stop. B's making all of the trim and baseboards himself and installing them all (by himself) and he's doing a wonderful job. I'm just soooooo happy about it. Not having trim up makes a room look incredibly unfinished, so this is just more light at the end of the tunnel. I spackled the nail holes but still have to sand and caulk everything before I can prime and paint.

Our inspiration for trim came from the great G.P. Schafer. Several of the homes he's designed have this type of trim and we absolutely love it. Since we're replacing all of the trim and baseboards in the house, it was way more cost efficient to do it ourselves than to buy pre-made.

Aside from making and installing trim, our yard seems to be an ongoing project. We never did a proper yard cleanup in the fall because we were in the middle of doing a bunch of work in the interior AND we got a ton of snow while the leaves were still on the trees. B bought a chainsaw and worked on cleaning up all of the trees and large branches that fell down in our backyard, so now we're stocked up on firewood for the fall season. He also bought a new blower (his other one stopped working) and blew out the ground covering which left us with a billion leaves to bag.

As crazy and uncertain this world is right now, we're grateful to have so many projects to keep us busy. We hope you're all staying safe out there!

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