Kitchen Fixtures

I told ya I'd be back this week!

All I have to say is TGIF. Poor B's been sick the last few days and now I'm starting to feel a scratchy throat coming on. It could be because the weather has been absolutely insane. I hate to make small talk about the weather but it was 50 degrees one week then snowed the next. Now it's raining. 

Anyways, we have a functioning kitchen now so I can take care of both of us. I'm happy to announce we've eaten at home every day since it's been installed (with the exception of a few dinners out). I even plan on making cookies this weekend! 

I figured I'd do a post on our kitchen hardware and fixtures because we've had numerous people reach out asking where we got everything from. 

Cabinet hardware:

We went with Rejuvenation for our hardware. They had a great selection of unlacquered brass knobs, pulls and latches which is what we wanted. Our range has unlacquered brass on it, so everything that is super blingy gold right now will have a lovely patina to it in a couple years. 


We love everything that Schoolhouse does, and decided to go with two factory flushmount lights (in black) as well as two of their Satellite Sconces with black metal shades


We decided to go with the same sink in our first house because we loved it so much. It's a Rohl Shaws 30" Farmhouse sink. It's insanely heavy and has a classic look to it. We also have a metal grate in the bottom so as not to scratch it. 


We're super obsessed with anything that Gil Schafer does and he uses this Barber Wilsons faucet in most of his houses. It was completely out of our budget, until we found it open-boxed on ebay (never used) for a fraction of the price. It was meant to be. 


Aside from our range which you can see, we ended up getting a panel ready dishwasher and a panel ready refrigerator (both from Miele). I actually had a couple friends come over last weekend and one of them asked where our fridge was going to go and I was like, oh it's right here! That's how ninja-like our refrigerator is (haha). 

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