Christmas Traditions

I'm sitting here sipping hot chocolate and watching Miracle on 34th Street (the original, obvs) and am blown away that Christmas is NINE days away! While I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit, I'm sad that I've hardly decorated for it. We didn't even cut down a tree this year... instead we bought the pokiest (literally) little tree at Kroger on a whim and I didn't even put ornaments on it (who am i?!). I'm also thoroughly convinced our neighbors think we're white trash because our yard still has leaves on it, our bushes still need to be pruned and we have zero lights up. B and I were talking about it yesterday and we can't wait to blow them away next year with our transformation. Like, I promise to take care of the yard once the inside is done-ish.

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Anyways, this isn't a house update. Instead I'm here to go over some of our Christmas traditions (as well as some soon-to-be traditions). We've hardly done any of these... it's hard with our house being under construction, but I'm going full blown Clark Griswold next year.

1. Cut down a Christmas tree.

Nothing like driving to the middle of nowhere to cut down a majestic tree that will need to be watered a hundred times a day. Just kidding. We typically go to a tree farm (like Blake's in Armada) the day after Thanksgiving (or before if I can't wait). It's fun for the whole family and a great tradition to start.

2. Listen to Christmas music 24/7.

Ok, this is my personal tradition, but B's grown to enjoy it... I think.

3. Mail out Christmas cards.

Who doesn't like hand-written Christmas cards from their friends and family? Nothing brings me more joy than getting something in the mail.

4. Watch all of the Christmas movies!

B and I did "30 days of Halloween movies" last year and I've always wanted to do "25 days of Christmas movies." Or you can just turn on the Hallmark channel and call it a day. *Favorite Christmas moves listed below

5. Drive around and look at the lights.

This is something my family did when I was a child. We'd all pile in the car and drive around pointing out our favorite Christmas decorations and lights. B and I plan on starting this tradition starting this year.

6. Make some DIY gifts or goodies.

B and I were at a Christmas party on Saturday and someone brought homemade Baileys in a simple clear bottle that was festively decorated. I thought that was such a sweet gift and now want to incorporate the art of making something to our traditions. B made his Grandma's famous chex-mix last year which we put into tins and gave to our families and they loved it! So bust out those knitting needles and make a scarf, or try a new craft like soap-making or candle-making.

7. Give to those in need.

Whether it's donating toys, coats, hats, gloves, scarves or even time, at the end of the day it puts things into perspective. Most of us have everything we need, so why not help others.

Do you have Christmas traditions?

*Here are some of my/our favorite Christmas movies:

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
White Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
Home Alone (1 & 2)
The Santa Clause (1 & 2)
A Muppet's Christmas Carol
Love Actually
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Family Stone
Christmas in Conneticut
The Holiday
Die Hard (B's favorite Christmas movie, haha)

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