House Progress

You guys, we're hoping to make huge progress on the house these next couple of weeks. George goes to immersion training (basically puppy bootcamp) for two weeks starting today and we're super excited to get some stuff done while he's gone. We have to finish prepping the subfloor on the first floor so Nick can get to work laying the floors and we also need to finish shiplapping the den (it's almost done) so we can prime and paint that before the floors go down. Poor B also needs to finish tearing out the kitchen flooring so we can get that prepped for the hardwood floors as well. We have a painter coming over on tomorrow to paint the ceiling in the great room because 1. I'm afraid of heights and 2. we don't feel like renting scaffolding to do it. That'll make a huge difference once that's done.

All in all, big things are happening that will hopefully make our house feel and look a little more livable, for now, here's some photos of the kitchen progress:

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