Flooring Progress Part 2

Happy First Day of Fall, friends! It's officially my favorite time of year.

If you follow us on instagram, you'll know that the new hardwood floors have been installed on our first floor (with the exception of the guest room)! The guest room on the first floor has a slope to it and needs to be shimmed, hence that room not being done. Anyways, we're beyond excited about how they turned out and even started to put our furniture in place - just trying to get one step closer to feeling normal again. Hopefully the first floor flooring will officially be done by the end of this week (fingies crossed!). Aside from the floors, we need to find someone to come in and drywall parts of our kitchen and we also need to call our electrician to come over and hook up the outlet for our range. Once those things are done we can hook up our range and fridge (and cook!). Normally B would do the drywalling but I think that after doing the basement in our first house, he's over it.

Here are some snippets of the first floor. Again, it's still a work in progress and not set up/styled at all (obviously).

Currently, B and Nick are making more shiplap for the bedrooms. We figured we'd take advantage of this beautiful weather, plus Nick's knee has been bothering him so it's best for him to take a "day off" from flooring. B will be posting a tutorial later this week for all of you that asked how we're making it :)

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