Our weekend

Well, we officially had a super busy weekend around here. We got a ton of stuff done which felt really good and we can finally see some progress being made. The hardwood floor removal guy managed to do as little as possible when he decided to show up on Saturday so Brandon removed the hardwood flooring in the den, library and great room. B also managed to drywall the bottom half of the den so we can hang the shiplap that he and Nick made. He's my hero and in all honesty I have no idea how he's standing right now. He keeps telling me how hard of a worker I am, but he's seriously the hardest worker I've ever met in my life.

Meanwhile, I primed the windows in the den as well as the great room and managed to rip out a tiny portion of the floors myself. I also primed the edges of the shiplap so it'll be easier to paint once it's nailed to the walls.

B and Nick hung a few boards of shiplap today just to see how it looks and we're beyond excited about it. The plan tomorrow is to make more shiplap for the ceiling in the den and to start hanging more to the walls (hopefully). Stay tuned!

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