Flooring progress

Things are happening! The guy removing our hardwood flooring (also known as Mike from Craigslist) came over today and started ripping the boards out and although the house is the hottest mess in the world, it's nice to see such big things happening. It's hard to tell in these photos but we cleared out all of the rooms upstairs and shoved everything into the master bedroom, which is the biggest disaster of them all. I'm pretty sure I told you guys a month ago my packed suitcase from our wedding weekend was laying in the bedroom and guess what? It's STILL there. Along with bags and bags of clothes and the guest bedroom mattress and whatever else we could fit (including the library couch). You guys, renovating is fun (but forreal, we do love it)! Anyways, we're unfortunately not going to have the new hardwood flooring installed until the beginning of September but that's ok because there's plenty to do around here.

While Mike was working upstairs, B started to rip out the floors in the den. Once the floors are out in there, the drywall can go up, then the DIY shiplap. In the meantime, my main focus will be on painting. Ceilings are on the top of my to-do list but so are the windows which need to be oil-based primed and painted (they're stained dark wood). Once those things are done, I'm gonna go paint crazy on the walls and the wood planks for the walls. I know this month will fly by and I can't wait until these damn floors are in!

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