Home on the range

Finding a range for our kitchen has been a bit of a struggle. But first let me tell you about our kitchen and cabinets before I get into our hunt for the perfect range. Our kitchen is a dark and gloomy place right now. The floors are beyond dingy, the cabinets are dark and there's not a ton of light. The plan for the kitchen is to replace the tile floors with hardwood (yay!), replace the existing cabinets with white inset amish made cabinets (from here) and reconfigure them, add a panel ready refrigerator and dishwasher as well as a kitchen island. We're still trying to figure out a refrigerator and dishwasher but we'll get there.

As for the range, we were going to go with a basic stainless steel one (most likely this one), but decided we wanted some sort of pop since the kitchen is going to be all white. We were looking into a Big Chill range (we really love the vintage-y look of it) but as luck would have it, B found his dream stove on Craiglist for a fraction of the price and the guy was planning a trip to Michigan to pick up another appliance and agreed to drive it out here FOR FREE! I wasn't entirely sold. I thought the range was beautiful, but I wasn't entirely sure the inside was large enough. We ended up going to Williams Sonoma which is the only place around here that sells La Cornue's. Honestly, as crazy as it sounds, we/I wanted to make sure it would fit a pizza (I know that's nuts, but we're real people with a pizza obsession). The store manager was the sweetest person in the world and when we spoke with her about it she said that people double check these things all the time and even gave us two different size pizza pans to put inside just to make sure. Seeing the range in person was way different than seeing it online and I completely understand why B is obsessed with these ranges. We received it on Monday and this is when I snapped this photo. Isn't she pretty?

Here's B and George (the owner from High End Appliances) about to move the beast off the truck.

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