Interior and exterior paint (& inspiration photos)

G.P. Schafer
You know what's not fun? Painting. Don't get me wrong, painting a room is totally fine and easy, painting a ceiling is a little harder, but painting an entire house is not fun. That's why B decided to hire a painter to paint the living room (and extremely tall ceiling), because I'm not going up there. Also, I just want to walk into the house and notice a small change. We've been working our butts off, but it's hard to actually see the progress.

Garden & Gun
I just now realized I haven't talked too much about our plans for the walls and exterior. I know I said we're going to paint everything white (which we are), but we're also going wood plank crazy and we'll be adding DIY vertical planks to most walls. You might be wondering if we've lost our minds. We, luckily, have not. I wanted to do vertical planks for sure in the den but the more we talked about it and the more I see on Pinterest, we were just like, alright, let's do this! I'll share a post soon on how we're making the boards.

Architectural Digest
As for the exterior, we will eventually be painting the house black, doing a cedar roof and adding copper gutters. The landscaping is fine for now but we will eventually want to switch things up. Personally I'd love to take down the creepy looking weeping beech tree in front of the house because 1. it's scary looking and 2. it blocks the view of the house. It's nearly impossible to take a photo of the house without some portion of it being blocked. I'd love to add in a bunch of hydrangeas and boxwoods and have some sort of wild flower garden on the side of the house. 

Anyways, enough about the landscaping... I came here to talk about paint. For interior we finally figured out that we're using Benjamin Moore's 'Simply White'. If you read my post about our white paint debacle, just know that we ended up going straight to the source - the actual Benjamin Moore store. For the exterior, I believe we're going to go with 'Black' by Benjamin Moore but we'll have to test it out first. B and I have been obsessed with black houses for a while and we were actually going to paint our last house black, but decided navy would look better with the roof. Navy was a much better choice for that house. Our house right now is a dark brown. We don't mind it but with the roof needing replacement we figured now is our shot.

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