Which White

Wow you guys, it's been a real treat trying to figure out which white to paint our walls. We've tried the samples in different rooms and checked them during different times of day. Our biggest pet peeve has been trying to find the correct 'Simply White'. We got a sample of it from Benjamin Moore which we loved, but decided to get a couple gallons from Sherwin-Williams because we typically like their paint. Well the color was all wrong. B went back to SW and explained the situation so they found another code in their computer for Simply White. After painting the closets with it yesterday, we found out (yet again) that the color wasn't right. So either the sample we got from Benjamin Moore is wrong or nobody really knows the code for it.

Anyways, we decided to go to Home Depot yesterday and get a couple more samples just in case. We tested their version of Benjamin Moore's 'Simply White' as well as 'White Dove', and decided to try Behr's 'Ultra Pure White' (which is just off the shelf, no tint, white). Both the 'Simply White' and 'White Dove' were too creamy looking in our house so we nixed those. So far our winner is Ultra Pure White, but we may also test out Sherwin-Williams' Extra White paint just in case (it's the color we painted the interior of our previous house).

Have you found a white paint that you love? We're open to suggestions!!!

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