Project update

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm back to show the progress that we made over the weekend which was quite a bit.

I finished priming the library and almost finished priming all of the shelves (I plan on finishing them in the next couple of days). B's mom came over and took down wallpaper in the master bedroom and it's insane how much bigger it looks. It's also insane how much wallpaper is in this house. We have some patching to do on a couple of the exterior walls because of the settling the house did but we're going to hire that out because B is done with drywall and patching of any kind. While I was painting and his mom was scraping, B was super busy working (he's a realtor in case ya missed it), but he managed to take down all of the drapes (that were covered in dust) and took out the master bedrooms' his/hers closet systems as well as the guest bedrooms' closet system. Overall we're thrilled with the progress we made.

Also, I had a lot of people message us on instagram about the wallpaper removal process and I will say that if it wasn't for this wallpaper steamer it would take a hell of a lot longer. The wallpaper is thick so B's mom has been steaming and peeling off the top layer then going back over it with the steamer to take the backing and glue off and it's been working wonders! If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

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