House Obsession

It officially feels like the longest winter ever and I'm in need of a vacation (anybody else feel this way?!). Unfortunately it's not in the cards for us since we're getting married in less than 4 months and all of our money is going towards that. But I seriously wanted to drop all of my classes today and just sleep away the rest of the semester (clearly I'm over it).

I've been itching for a project lately but unfortunately our house seems to be (mostly) finished. I've been super inspired by these photos for this 1880's Mill Valley California house that has been transformed by architect Gil Schafer and interior designed by Rita Konig. It used to be an old YWCA! Read more about it here.

I truly can't get enough of the wallpaper, paint and decor. The mix of patterns, textiles and color makes my heart so happy. Also, B and I have always been obsessed with a painted black house. See for yourself:

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