Fall Peak

Holy Moly, I can't believe it's almost Halloween! B and I plan on celebrating by passing out candy, ordering a pizza and watching Halloween. We're also dressing up as Where's Waldo and his gf, Wenda.

Our house is in full fall effect and I'm convinced we lucked out with the prettiest tree on the block. We've been taking it easy over here and enjoying the chilly weather and our fireplace (my favorite thing ever), taking Georgie for walks when it's not raining (and sometimes when it is), putting together puzzles and then ordering more, and eating all of the candy as planned. House projects have stopped completely for a bit, but will start up again soon because we're hosting Thanksgiving for my family this year! Luckily, the list isn't very long... just some paint touch-ups (always) and officially finishing up the basement.

This time of year always seems to rush by which is unfortunate, but we have a ton of amazing things to look forward to next year (like getting married!!!!!). Anyways, just wanted to catch up and say hello :) I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year.

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