Hopping to it

Now that we're getting married, we've decided to finallllllly have a party at the house! We're throwing an engagement/housewarming party in less than a month and are pushing ourselves to finally get these little unfinished projects done. Sounds simple enough, but these "little projects" add up to 3 pages.

First things first, we're updating our upstairs bathroom. You may see the above photo and think that it looks okay, but it reality, it's not. It's dingy, dirty and in need of some fresh paint and fixtures. The medicine cabinet mirror has been broken since we moved in and the toilet has been here since the 80's. We planned on re-tiling the floor and tub area, but thanks to Mr. Clean and his insanely amazing magic erasers, the tile will stay (...for now). We've ripped out the old sink, toilet, medicine cabinet and light fixture and had bought all of the new fixtures months and months ago, so this should (emphasis on should) be an easy and fast transformation.

B is currently drywalling the area where the medicine cabinet once was and as soon as that is finished, the painting will begin (we're painting the bathroom the same color as our exterior). I plan on cleaning the rest of the grout today, so our floors will look brand new again (these floors were grosssssssssss).

... Stay tuned for the finished product!

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