Bathroom cont...

Well, things are not going quite as planned. Paint is on the walls (and ceiling!), tile is cleaned (have you seen the tile?! see photo below because it looks brand spanking new), pedestal sink and hardware is installed, new light fixture has been hung, BUT, we are toilet-less. To make a long story short, the toilet we had in the bathroom was old (see last post) and apparently a lot larger and a lot farther away from the wall than normal toilets. The one that we had bought months ago (that we planned on using) can be used in the basement, but we had to order a completely new toilet (i.e. special size) and a part for the toilet that won't be here for weeks... of course.

Other than that, we're also waiting on the mirror, new rug and shower curtain rod & rings (haha). But, all of that's ok because things are moving along elsewhere and I'll update more this week showing you all the fun stuff that's been happening! For now, here is a tiny sneak peek of the bathroom: 

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