The Garden of Eatin'

Last year we landscaped our entire back and front yard (you can see the transformation here), however, behind the garage was some real estate that we never took advantage of. We moved our garbage and recycling bins behind the garage and installed a brick patio landing for them. We mulched back there and planted a few random boxwoods and arborvitae. But that wasn't enough…

We toyed with the idea of building a greenhouse behind the garage but with the options out there, there wasn't anything that really jumped out at us. What we couldn't get over however was the idea of growing fruits, veggies and flowers. So with some investigating we found that you can convert galvanized stock tanks into raised beds!

We researched further and found that Tractor Supply Co. had some nice ones that fit our bill. We designed the layout and picked up three stock tanks one afternoon (we might even grab a fourth).

First we leveled the stock tanks, then we drilled out holes in the bottom for drainage. After that the rest was smooth sailing. Rocks go in the bottom for drainage and then styrofoam blocks were placed in the tanks to limit how much dirt we needed. The styrofoam and rocks were then covered with weed barrier and then about a billion bags of raised bed soil from Lowe's.

Hand in hand we picked out veggies and flowers. Our first raised beds ever! So excited to see if anything grows. Can barely wait for the flowers to pop so Jenna can go out and cut them to show off inside the house. Thrilled to pick my first jalape├▒os and spend the entire next day on the toilet. I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world. I love spending a life full of 'firsts' with Jenna, Richard and now George.

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