Hooked on You

So with the world's largest half bath (seen here), it would make sense that we have an awkward hallway next to it. The hallway is long and skinny—not much you can do with it… or is there?

YES! Enter Captain Hook. Why not buy more of the hooks we got for the front closet makeover (seen here) from Lowes! So we did.

We measured the wall (a little over 70 inches), bought a piece of wood to act as a backing plate (again, mirroring what we did with the front closet) and six more hooks. Each hook was spaced out equally at 10 inch marks, we pre-drilled the holes, caulked, primed and painted the board and then mounted the hooks. Phew. Actually, sounds more involved than it really is.

The final result—we love it! It's a nice little place to hang coats, dog leashes, hats, aprons or whatever. Originally we were considering building a locker system back here and we are so glad we didn't. This is simple, clean, and easy on the eyes. Most importantly we aren't banging our knees on it when we walk in and out of the door.

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