Stepping Up Our Game

One of the more important projects in the basement were the stairs leading down. When we moved in they were the original pine steps which were painted over many many times. There were no risers and the treads were far from level. Picture walking down the basement stairs to your creepy grandmas house in the dark to grab her box of old Christmas ornaments for her. They creaked, bowed when you stepped on them and were better to look at in the dark than with the lights on.

Enter Nick Zeb - hardwood floor installer, cabinet hanger, moulding maker and general super hero. All around the hardest working and most honest person we know.

The first step (pun intended) was for us to cut and install wood risers for the stairs. I then framed and drywalled the sides of the stairway where it was previously open. We leveled the stairs and Nick cut down oak treads to match the rest of the hardwood floors in our house. After I removed the vinyl tiles on the landing, Nick installed hardwood there as well. A simple sanding, staining and polyurethaning and voila! Now we have a proper entrance to a proper basement. Gone are the days of trolls reaching for your ankles through the steps as you tip-toe downstairs.

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