Magic Carpet Ride

Apparently picking out carpet is just about the worst thing in the world. You have to consider, material, color, durability, style, pattern, pattern repeat measurements, size, where the seams go, how the seams will match up, padding, price and then how to reconsider all those things 3 times when the first two styles of carpet you decide on are discontinued!

KHAAAAAAAN!!!!! (in a Captain Kirk voice).

So we went through this adventure several different times and sorted through every sample from Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, Riemer Floors, and the Carpet Guys.

After about 2 weeks of hunting we found a sample from Lowe's that we liked. It matched the laundry room tile and basement cabinets perfectly. A nice striped pattern alternating light to dark grey. Now, let me stop the story here to tell you that grey is a very difficult color to match. Most grey tones in carpet are too brown or blue. Out of about 50 different samples we went through only 2 were close to what we were looking for.

Back to our story. We found a carpet that we liked, had Lowe's come out to measure the basement, then ordered the carpeting. We got lucky and bought the carpet on a weekend when they were offering a 11% rebate on all items so that saved us some cash on future building materials we needed for the renovation.

Fast forward to 6 weeks later when it was time for the carpet to be installed. We rushed to get the basement done with drywall, primer and paint until the early hours of the morning. Physically pushing ourselves to near exhaustion to complete everything on time for the installers, we made the deadline! Well, when the installers came that morning to install the carpet they didn't have enough. The person who measured out basement was off over 80 square feet! Furthermore the installers told us the pattern would be difficult to match up and seam and that a solid color carpet would be better.

So we went back to the drawing board, looked at samples until our eyes fell out, picked new carpeting (several times) which we eventually found out was discontinued and decided on our dream carpet: the one we originally picked out. Haha.

So almost 4 months after we first ordered the carpet we are pleased to announce that it has finally been installed! What an unnecessarily stressful journey this has been. Can't wait to sit back and enjoy it now.

Now I wish this was the end of the story, but sadly its not. The carpet was indeed installed, but it will have to be removed and new carpet reinstalled because Lowe's (for the 2nd time now) mis-measured. This will be the third install and order of the same style carpeting in our basement. If they can't get it right this time I don't know what to tell ya.

Even Richard's like "Get it together, Lowe's!" 

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