It's A-door-able!

Not the biggest project in the world, but definitely one that needed to be done.

Our garage transformation was something we covered a while ago here and here. Although a lot of work went into the project, there was still something missing. Access to the garage could only be done through the front garage door. This was fine, but there were better options out there.

Adding a side access was something on the list of functional upgrades that needed to be done. Even though we added a battery backup and Wi-Fi capable Liftmaster 8500 garage door opener with keyless entry system, a garage door can still be a hassle especially if we needed quick access. The solution to this was adding a side door to the garage.

We found a Craftsman style door at Home Depot and picked it up. After cutting out the hole in the garage and installing it, the only thing left was to add a light on the side and install brick pavers on the ground in front.

From the listing photo

Before side door and new window

As soon as the warm weather hits we will paint the trim white around the door and paint the wood mount we made for the light to match the garage. Toss some pavers on the ground (which we bought more of than needed to account for this project) and we have one very cute and functional garage. We even replaced the side windows with Pella double hung windows when we had the windows on our house replaced... I might move into the garage now that it's so nice!

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