More basement updates

Hi! Hello! How are you? Good, I hope!

Things are going over here! Poor B is just constantly covered in drywall dust from spackling and sanding the basement, and I'm over here just dusting everything he's touched (haha), just kidding. But yea! Progress is still happening in the basement, but unfortunately for you (and me) I hardly know what's going on because the only time I go down there is to do laundry. We had Lowe's over yesterday to measure for carpet which is super exciting because that means the non-tiled half of the basement will be carpeted with non-gross carpet (the stuff down there is a nasty shade of brown). Anyways, I can't wait to get my boyfriend back from the deep, dark, depths of the basement, but in the meantime, here are a few photos of progress that's been made:

Also, I'll be posting more details about the basement this Friday. Sorry for being a bit absent lately... we got a ridiculous amount of snow this past weekend and I didn't do anything except clean and watch Westworld on HBO. Have you seen it? B got me hooked and I'm almost done with the first season. And because of my procrastination, I "forgot" to update the blog and write a paper that was due yesterday (don't worry, I got the paper done in the nick of time). Speaking of "nick" (and "time") Nick came over yesterday to help B in the basement! Poor guy won't let me help him at all so it's exciting when someone else does. Yay!

Oh! and Happy Valentine's day loves! 

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