House Updates

TGIF! Am I right?

It has been a lonnnnnng week but we made it through!

Just wanted to to talk about some things that have been happening around here. Brandon is still working his butt off (hardest worker/best person ever) on the basement and is almost done putting up the insulation and drywall. It looks absolutely amazing so far and we can't wait for it to be done!

We had the plumber/electrician over here doing various work around the house as well, like hooking up the generator(!), fixing bad wires and installing outlets. He installed a double light switch in the bedroom (originally it was two light switches right next to each other... super weird) where we found the original wallpaper (daisies!) which was the cutest. 

Annnnnd Nick and B finally put up the butcher block shelves in the kitchen which completes it (kitchen tour coming next week)!

Anyways, hope you have an awesome weekend! Per usual, be sure to check our instagram for more updates!

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