House Tour: Our Bedroom

... And now for the upstairs tour! Please note that these rooms are not quite finished and I won't be doing a tour of our bathroom because we literally have not touched it since we moved in. While I have a general idea of how I'd like things to look, our bedroom is the closest one to being done (and to be honest, a few things have changed since I took these photos a week or two ago). I'll do a post on Friday about some things that I'd like to change, add or do differently with the bedroom.

Just like everything else in the house, the floors were refinished, the walls were painted and new windows were put in (along with new blinds)! BUT, the huge thing that changed in the bedroom was that there was carpet that was installed by previous owners covering up the smurf blue painted wood floors (WHAT?!)! Long ago, when we first moved in and Nick was starting on the hardwood sanding/refinishing, we posted a video on our Instagram about said floors. Another big change was the french door that we had put in in place of the steelcase door that let in no light at all.

Ya'll ready for this?

Bedroom before:

Bedroom now:

Sources: Bed // Dresser (vintage) // Chair // Side Table // Bench (vintage) // Rug // Nightstands // Sconces // Floor lamp // Indian painting (painted by B's grandma!) // Botanical Prints // Ceiling light // Duvet // Pillowcases // If I'm missing anything, just ask :)

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