House Tour: Living Room

I was going to wait until next month to post these photos (because by then it would be a year since we've been in the house - which is crazy considering it's almost done), but I'm impatient and excited to share these!

I want to start with the living room because I haven't really posted photos of it because I never felt like it was finished... until now. Along with refinishing and re-staining the floors, we also had the ceiling scraped and skim coated, we painted the walls/wood trim white, replaced the fish bowl window with three new windows and removed the horrible tile from the fireplace and replaced it with fiber board "shiplap."

The living room before:

The living room now:


  1. What a transformation! Really pretty and fresh! Love the pillows and the art!

  2. This is gorgeous!I love the fire place, and (gasp) your lighting actually has cords. Thanks for keeping it real. I love the space.