House Tour: Half bath

Our half bath right off the kitchen is fracking huge. Before we re-did it, the built-in cabinets and the countertops were the same kind as the kitchens' but the height of them was odd. I, being 5' 3," had to almost bend over to wash my hands. It was weird. Everything about it was weird. 

Anyways, I knew I wanted to put wallpaper up, and I figured one of the smaller rooms should get it. Ergo, half bath. I'm going to tell you a little secret... we bought the wallpaper off of ebay at a major discount. I'm talking three rolls for less than what one roll costs at retail. I dreamt of this wallpaper and loved it so much and convinced myself and Brandon that I was going to save up to buy it. One lucky day I was randomly searching 'Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper' and 'Hygge & West' on ebay and it popped up. For real! And the rest is history! (FYI- you can't find it again on ebay. I've tried. Maybe one day you'll be as lucky as I was)

For the floors, as you'd know if you've been following the blog, B ripped up about a 5" layer of gross tile which we replaced with hardwood flooring (thanks Nick!). The vanity came out before the tile was taken up and that ginormous mirror was given away. We found a good sized vanity that worked with the room (we replaced the knobs though), and knew that the round brass mirror I saw at Target would work perfectly. I still want to add some artwork and maybe a towel rack... but the transformation to us is beyond better. 

Half bath before:

Half bath now:

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