Under Cabinet Lights

I recently found out that under-cabinet lights are like the BEST THING EVER. They've changed the entire feel of our kitchen and there have been numerous times that I've been cooking in the evening with just those lights on. But then again, I'm a big fan of "mood lighting." Ask Brandon all about it. Any time we're having people over at the house he tends to turn on every single light ever, but I turn them all off and just keep the lamps on. 

Brandon got Philips Hue lightstrips (but if you know B at all, you'd know that he was obsessed with Philips Hue anything) that we can turn on and off via our phones and even schedule them to come on in the morning, night or whatever time we want. We can also change the color of the lights to be any color of the rainbow (but that's not necessary... or us).

Oh! And if you follow along with us on Instagram, you know that B did the subway tile backsplash on this area as well. I'm not entirely sure why I was against it in the first place, but now that it's done, I'm like, what was I thinking?!

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