Can you believe it?! It's done! The fireplace is done!

Remember the first blog entry I posted when I wrote about the three main things we wanted to get done immediately which included the fireplace demo? Oh, you don't? That's because you're not my mom - aka number 1 fan of this blog - who happened to remind me days ago about how I haven't updated the blog since DECEMBER 1ST (how is it almost Christmas?!). Anyways, hi mom! and hello whoever else happens upon our house renovations!

(Also, it should be know that if I were Brandon, I would be updating about his favorite thing at the moment (other than me) and that's the basement... which I will write about later this week.)

But for now I'm going to talk a little about how our fireplace came to be.

Long ago (aka 3 days after we moved in) we demo'd the fireplace in hopes of finding beautiful pristine brick underneath. Unfortunately that wasn't what happened. We found brick but it wasn't in great condition so our idea was to put a thin brick veneer over the pre-existing stuff. All of these thought processes were happening when we had a billion other projects going on so we put it on the back burner until we were sure we wanted to do it. Fast forward to about a month or two ago when the idea to shiplap the fireplace came to mind. I researched how to get a fire safe shiplap look without using wood and found that cement board would work wonders considering our fireplace doesn't have a blower on it.

Long story shorter, we went with the shiplap look. Along with trying to figure out what kind of fascia we wanted on the fireplace, we also needed to figure out the tile situation for the floor below. Brandon found this awesome stuff from the Tile Shop that we're in love with. The only thing that we might change is the grout color... it turned out a little lighter than we expected so we may or may not dye it (we didn't seal it yet).

Anyways, Ta-Da!!! We're in love with it (and obviously so is Richard).

Also, for reference this is what it looked like when we moved in:

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