Friday Favorites

Big plans for Christmas? Ours involve spending Christmas Eve in our pjs watching It's A Wonderful Life and eating popcorn by the fire. We're also spending Christmas day at home and I'm really hoping that it'll snowwwwwww! The stockings are stuffed and hung (including Richards') and I'm on break from school and couldn't be happier.

Here are some fun things for you to peruse before you head out of town or just hunker down at home.

Did you know Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Brandon and I have been watching Christmas movies (for the past month) and have pretty much run out, until he suggested it (I was like whaaaaa?)! Apparently it is and it's on all of the Best Christmas movies lists like this one (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is still one of my faves though).

If you plan on making sugar cookies this weekend, check out this simple and easy method for icing them.

B and I are huge fans of dutch baby's - I make them at least once a week and add a ton of berries to them. I've been using this recipe lately and it's awesome (but instead of the blender, I just use my mixer). I'm thinking of making some for Christmas morning (or I might convince B to make these delicious vegetarian biscuits and gravy again).

Are you a fan of snow? The best places to experience a white Christmas!

Happy holiday weekend everyone and Merry Christmas! See you next week with more updates!

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