Our Library

I figured it's time we do a little update on our house since we've been ordering furniture here and there and trying to make it look a little more cohesive. I did an update a while ago on our library, but we bought new chairs for it (which are now on sale, wtf!) and some plants and cleared out all of the clutter. I love this room. This room is what sold me on the house (this and every other room). It's the perfect place to spend a rainy (and soon to be snowy) day reading and just looking out the window. I occasionally do homework in here because of the fold down desk and love the light this room gets.

Brandon had collected all of these condensed Reader's Digest books and I love them because they look so pretty on the shelves. Mixed in with those are some of his grandma's old books as well. I love how colorful the shelves look against the white walls. Also, we plan on either making or buying a cushion for the window seat. I was thinking buffalo check but we may just do a plain colored fabric. Not that many people will sit up there, but I think it'll tie the room together nicely and add that extra something it's missing.

Also, if you'd like to go back in time and see a snippet of what it looked like before we moved in, here it is: 

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