Tanks, but no tanks.

You know what I'm not really good at? Updating the blog. I just realized it's been close to a month since the last update in which I promised to post photos (the next day) of our pavers lining the driveway. AND school started back up again yesterday so I'm back to the full-time school/part-time work schedule. But that's ok, because here I am again with fun updates about how Brandon and I took a road trip across country only to find out our hot water heater wasn't working.

The old HWH

The road trip was beyond fun. We had to fly out to the Portland, OR area (Mt. Hood to be exact) for a friends' wedding, so Brandon shipped his car out there filled with our camp gear so we could drive it back and visit parts of the US we've never seen before. We stopped by the Goonies rocks, areas of Washington where Twin Peaks was filmed, Garnet Ghost Town in Montana, Yellowstone, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands (to name a few). It was absolutely magical and every one should take that road trip. Anyways, once we got home we both couldn't wait to shower (even though I took one at the hotel the night before we left)! And that's where this blog post begins and ends. There's not much to tell except for the fact that Brandon went to turn the shower on only to find that there was no hot water. He ran down to the basement to light the pilot, but turns out we have an electric water heater, so he hit the reset button and reset all the fuses to the house. Still no hot water.

Here we are at Yellowstone! Sorry for posting a non-HWH related photo, but we clearly both needed a shower in this photo.
Brandon did what he does best and researched the issue, along with brand new hot water heaters... and of course we decided to go with the latter because this is our forever house. While I was at work yesterday he went out and bought a tankless water heater and it was installed earlier today by our plumber/electrician. And oh my goodness the shower was absolutely amazing!

John the plumber/electrician drilling holes into our house for the exhaust (I think)

The new and beautiful HWH and its sticker that Brandon unsuccessfully tried to pick off!
Tune in next week for our backup generator transfer switch installation next to that cute little fuse box right there. That way I (Jenna) can watch Netflix during power outages.

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