You can ring my bell

I came home from work today to find all sorts of things going on. Nick and Brandon were doing who knows what on the front porch (just kidding!) and John and Mark were here painting the trim on the front of the house (woo hoo!).

Never a dull moment at the Cook-Curry household.

We've both been extremely busy this last week so we haven't gotten too much done around the house (except for that deep cleaning we gave the house on Friday). We also received our new fire pit (photos to come) in the mail last week which was very exciting, so on Friday night we grilled some hot dogs and sat around the fire for a bit.

But today folks is the day that sh*t has been getting done! I was checking my instagram at work earlier and noticed that Brandon posted a photo to forrichardorpoorer's story:

and I immediately messaged him about the 'ring' video doorbell. He never tells me when he buys stuff like this and I always find it comical. I've personally never heard of the thing and last I knew he had already bought a doorbell online. Anyways, I get home to find it already hooked up (and our front porch decor is looking prettttttay good, haha, but seriously how cute is our new front porch light?!). 

I mean, it's pretty cool. When someone rings the doorbell we both get a notice on our phones annnnnnd this thing has a motion sensor and camera attached. The amount of technology in this world blows my mind. 

I can even look at the app and see what's going on in the neighborhood if I really wanted to, but instead I wanted to check out Brandon's butt and the new bead board they put up yesterday that Brandon wanted Nick to stain (which he did) but will be painted white probably by tomorrow (per me). 

This is a pic I snapped of the front of the house because the painted brick looks amazing and the white trim is making the house look so fresh! There's John and Mark! Hi guys!

Moving along, Brandon and Nick decided to tear apart our wood gate in the driveway because it's slightly crooked and the old boards on it didn't seem to match the new boards so they replaced them yesterday.

Then Brandon and Nick were explaining to me what they were doing and Brandon took the role of Nick in the pointing department. 

But then Nick was like, "no way Brandon!" and used both hands to point. I still don't really understand what was going on, but they fixed the crooked gate and are now putting boards on the back so we can't see that wire. 

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