No Parking on the Dance Floor

Where do I start...? Well, some projects are planned, some are thought of while wandering the aisles of Home Depot and some come to me in dreams at night. This project was the birth child of Bob Vila and Martha Stewart.

Let me start by saying that Behr Granite Grip is a great product... but not for the faint hearted. The directions recommended 2 coats when in reality it took 8. We went through 9 gallons of the stuff and when I regain feeling in my arms from rolling it on, I might consider a 10th.

The choices are limited when redoing a garage floor. There really are four choices: concrete paint, two part epoxy coatings with flecking, one part epoxy paint or just cope with the bare floors. We opted with the one part epoxy kit after a lot of research. No regrets, just sore muscles.

When we moved in the garage was something nightmares were made of. The floor was stained with oil, the wood walls were darker than night, the layout was wonky and so on. So we took the opportunity to move everything out of the garage and start with a clean slate.

The rear storage area was the first to be built. Nick grabbed his drafting pencil and thinking cap and came up with a very nice idea that involved boxing our 7-Up cooler in the left, a deep storage room with sliding barn doors (still need to be installed) and skinny cat steps going up to a loft area for storage of our outdoor furniture come winter. The electrical was redone in the garage by a semi-professional guy and John sprayed out the interior white. Once the floors were coated we hung an old Restoration Hardware chandelier up and called it a day.

There are a few more finishing touches to do to the garage and a few more surprises I bought that Jenna doesn't know about yet. In the meantime, we can mark this project 95% done!

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