Books, books, books!

I'm happy to say that one room out of the entire house is officially done(ish). I was telling Brandon just the other day that I felt like every time one room was almost done, we'd throw a bunch of tools and supplies in it and forget about it. BUT, the library has been my baby. It was the room that had me sold on the house (well, one of them) and I intended to make it my our own.

Over the weekend I finally had the time to paint the toe kick molding that Nick installed a couple of weeks ago. Can I just say that painting the toe kick is the bane of my existence? It's impossible to not paint the floor so I managed to slide a business card inbetwixt the floor and toe kick (if there was room) to keep the paint from getting on the floor. I mean, I'm great at painting trim but sometimes my hand slips.

Anyways, the bookshelves have been filled with old condensed Readers Digest books (they're so beautiful and colorful), as well as some books Brandon received from his grandma. Because the interior walls of our house are white, I wanted to bring some color in with accessories, so it was super fun putting these awesome books on the shelves. The plants are kind of just thrown in the room, but they enjoy the light and I'll for sure have a space figured out for them soon.

I was also thinking about doing some sort of window seat cushion... I plan on looking into that.

As for the furniture, Brandon has a bit of an obsession with Restoration Hardware. We had two giant leather chairs in there to begin with but they took up so much room and made the room feel really small. I then experimented with what we had and settled on the mismatched chairs for now. The rug we acquired on our trip that we took last year to Maine and we will always have a fond memory of stopping at the roadside junk shop and seeing the cow hides for sale. I claimed that they were much cheaper than the ones they sold at Ikea but I was in fact wrong (as we later found out). Either way, it's beautiful and we love it.

More details: Flushmount lamp is from West Elm, Table lamp is Target (similar), Hex cabinet knobs are from cb2 and if there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

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