Where was I going with this?

I spent my first official day off from school doing absolutely nothing. But like, a bad nothing. Is that weird/does that make any sense? As I looked around the house I noticed a ton of things I could do, but instead, I re-watched some Gilmore Girls episodes and read for a bit. Meanwhile, Brandon has been busier than ever and got all kinds of stuff done today!

We were both extremely tired last night (Brandon because he had been working at a clients' house half the day, then cleaning out the entire garage and power washing it cause he's amazing - and me, because of the normal day to day) so we went to bed around 10pm. I awoke around midnight thinking it was way later than it was, only to notice as I looked out our french door (onto our balcony) that the next door neighbors' lights were on still (they're about 80). After tossing and turning a bit, I fell back asleep for another couple of hours, only to find Brandon (and myself) awake again around 2:30... after chatting a bit we both took a form of sleep aid (him, advil pm. me, benadryl) and the next thing I knew it was 8:30am (Hooray, I slept in!)!

Anyways, I'm not really sure where I was going with all that, but I will say that it made me land here, at the blog I so graciously vowed to write in. So I'll tell you all about my day yesterday (I mean Brandon's day, through the eyes of me). 

When I arrived home from work, I found Brandon and almost all of the entire contents of the garage in the driveway. I knew he had been working at a clients' house earlier in the day and expected to come home and find him writing emails or doing something of the sort. As I watched him happily carry things out of the garage, I asked him what he was up to. He then told me that he was going to finish cleaning out the garage, then power wash it. Then he showed me the plan that he and Nick came up with to make it useable. As I watched him do all of this with a smile on his face I couldn't be happier to end up where I am right now. 

(SEE! Look at that smile!)

So eventually (and we all know eventually means extremely soon) the inside of the garage will be painted, there will be a built in ladder to get to that storage space shown above, that 7-up cooler will be installed (and the 7-up sticker will be gone) and two barn-ish type doors will be installed where that space is in the back. Oh, and the entire outside of the garage will be navy with white trim and obviously that exterior (and interior) garage light will be replaced.

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