(not your old and cracked) stepping stone

Well holy moly, our front porch steps are done! We couldn't be happier about how they turned out (and neither can our mail lady) because the cracked limestone steps that were once there were horrible and semi-dangerous.

Brandon had called a man named Hugo (who has done work for him and his parents in the past) to come out and take a look at the steps. After deciding to go with square limestone steps, Hugo asked if we wanted limestone or brick risers and obviously we decided to go with the brick.

So, at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday, Hugo and his men came out to work. Brandon and I took the opportunity to get out of the house while they were working and beat the brunch crowds (because it was 8am and we had a billion beers the night before and needed to eat, stat). By the time we got back the steps were just about to be installed. Fast forward 2 hours and the steps and risers were done. 

Brandon and I wanted to paint the entire house navy with white trim and a pop of color on the front door, but now I'm not so sure if we should paint the brick. These new steps are kind of a game changer. 

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