I'm just here to tell you guys that we've chosen THE color for our exterior. We had a difficult time making our final decision, and now our garage looks like a pair of patchwork denim jeans, but we wanted to make sure that it worked with our roof color. Let me just go through each of the colors and I'll tell you the winner after that:

1. Sherwin-Williams 'Anchors Aweigh': Dark Blue - very blue and not enough gray.

2. Sherwin-Williams 'Charcoal Blue': Lets just say that this looked more purple blue than charcoal blue.

3. Benjamin Moore 'Hale Navy': Nice mix of blue and gray, works well with roof.

4. Sherwin-Williams 'Naval': Same color as our kitchen cabinets, but in the sun this looks almost royal blue.

If you read my descriptions, you have already figured out what the winner is: 

HALE NAVY! Hale yea!!!

We're hoping to have the painting process started by the end of May. Like I've said in the past, the entire exterior* will be painted Hale Navy, the trim will be white, and our front door will be an orangey coral-y color. 

*including the brick

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