This Week in News

Too much to tell has happened over the course of the last week to mention, but lets give it a shot anyway....

First round of PODs arrive with furniture, kitchen begins to take shape, Jenna decorates and organizes library, bathroom wallpapering begins, new moulding going on, and new washer and dryer arrive.

We have been sleeping on a mattress on the ground for the last month (half of the time in the dining room, half of the time in the master bedroom). Needless to say, we have been waiting too long for the day to arrive with our bed and bed frame to be delivered. Other notable items to be delivered in the first POD along with the bed are rugs, couches, seats, dressers, and everything else that makes life easier. Only the core pieces have arrived. Now it's time for Jenna to work her magic with decorating and ordering all the fun stuff (which she is simply AMAZING at).

The kitchen will have its own blog post soon, however we wanted to mention that every cabinet with the exception of one has been installed. Doors were taken in for glass to be installed, custom refrigerator box was made for the Sub Zero, stove was installed and works brilliantly (tested with a mac and cheese dinner), plumbing was rerouted, walls were repaired and painted and the butcher block countertops arrive tomorrow from Charlotte, MI (pronounced Char-LOTT). 

Here are a few pics of whats been happening:

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