An ode to Brandon

Well friends, it's been 52 days since we closed on the house, popped a bottle of champagne and ate pizza in the living room, then later slept on our mattress in the dining room. Am I reminiscing about that wonderful night while I sit on our couch with my feet up on the coffee table? Yes. But do I miss how the house was in disarray for a really long time? Yes and no. It's been quite a journey so far and it blows my mind to say that this house renovation is almost over.

Brandon was asking me the other day if I missed the apartment. It's funny because living in such a small space it was hard to do anything (i.e. cook/bake/all of my favorite things) and it was extremely irritating living in a space where my neighbors were up at all hours of the night on the phone or stomping around and I had to turn the fan on to drown out the noise, but then my nostalgia kicks in and I remember that that was the place that I first met Brandon and where our relationship blossomed. When I asked him if he missed it, he said that he did because it was the place where he fell in love with me, but that this house is the place where we'll get married and have kids and grow.

I know that this isn't really a post about our house, but it's a post about our love, and if we can be happy doing things like renovating a house together and still get through the trial and error of hanging wallpaper, then I think we'll be happy and in love forever... for Richard or poorer.

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