We're Just Floored!

Richard is happy to announce that the floors are finally done!

We will start this entry with a sincere thanks to the best worker and an amazing friend, Nick Zeb. We have never met anybody so sincere, professional and enthusiastic about their craft as Nick. On weekends when he didn't work, we found ourselves missing having him around.

When we first saw the house we fell in love with the floors. Every room had original hardwood (in good condition but an ugly color) with the exception of the kitchen and main floor half bath (and two of the bedrooms upstairs). 

It was our plan to buy the house, have the floors done, the walls painted and then move in. We did everything in the reverse order...

Remembering that Nick owns his own hardwood floor company and after speaking with him only a few minutes, we knew we had our guy. He walked us through the house and fed us with more knowledge about flooring than we ever could have learned ourselves in a lifetime. We learned about the grains of the wood, what the difference between wood types are, etc...  For example, we have red oak floors. Red oak is a porous wood that has hollow tubes that run throughout the wood. If you take a board and blow air though one end you can feel the air come out the other. People used to make canoes out of this wood however quickly learned they needed to tar the outside of the boat to keep it floating. As these were the original floors to the house (build in 1926), the wood likely came from a mill that cut down a tree hundreds of years ago... dating our wood to trees circa 1600-1700's! The graining of this wood cannot be found today (we learned all this information within the first 42 seconds of having Nick over to the house). So we hired him and had him sand and stain one level at a time. He started upstairs, so we ended up sleeping in the dining room. The master bedroom and nursery had carpet, which we quickly took up. The floor underneath was painted Smurf blue in the master and arctic white in the nursery. Nick made short work of that paint with his sander as we worked our way ahead of him taking the moulding off the walls and carpet off the stairs. Again, the carpet was fine, just not our style.

After about a week of arduous work, Nick completed the upstairs floors. During that time our phone bill doubled as we were overloaded with texts of pictures from an ecstatic guy snapping pics of cool boards and grain patterns.

We moved upstairs as soon as we could and as soon as Brandon was done digging to China in the kitchen. Once that was over, Nick started to lay the new planks where the layers and layers of tile once were. The sanding of the floors came a few days later after various projects here and there happened and we all kind of took a break (because hey! it's week three and we've accomplished so much). It's amazing how fast that process goes and next thing we knew he was staining the floors and we both were in awe at the major change that was happening on the first floor. It's one thing having the upstairs stained, but the downstairs too?! shocking! He finished the polyurethane today and we can't wait to actually bring our furniture into the house. We're beyond excited about how the floors have turned out and would highly recommend Nick to anyone we know. 

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