The Heat Is On ♫

Today marks a day that has been long overdue. We said goodbye to an old part of this house family and welcomed a new member onboard. 

Freddy Krueger would have been proud of our boiler room when we first bought this house. The furnace hissed at night, let out bloodcurdling screeches every time it started up, smelled of burnt flesh when it ran and dripped blood from the humidifier. Well... not really, but it had to go anyway. It was kinda old and ugly.

Enter Ford Plivlich. Ford came to take a look on a Monday, ordered a new furnace and AC on Tuesday, installed everything Thursday. He completely gutted the old ductwork and setup that came with the house and custom installed a gorgeous Payne furnace and AC (over 96% efficient). This thing heats up the house so well and so fast we have to put Caribbean shirts on and grab a steel drum to play every time it kicks on. It's a professional brand and one of the best on the market.

The old system cost twice as much to operate and leaked carbon monoxide in the basement. The AC - we found out when it was being removed - didn't even work. Even though this upgrade isn't the most exciting thing to look at, we are happy to have it done so that summers will be cold and winters will be hot.

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