The floors are in!

After a week of back breaking work (and scratches, bruises, etc...), Brandon got all of the layers of tile out of the kitchen! Nick started to lay the hardwood floors a few days ago and we're happy to say they're almost done - he just has to finish the half bath, then he'll be good to sand the rest of the first floor.

Brandon called about our cabinet delivery the other day and found out that they're still about two weeks away (but hey! that's ok!). As for the rest of the house, the upstairs is almost finished! John is going to come back on Wednesday to paint the ceilings and windows and then we'll be able to install the new light fixtures that we ordered from West Elm. Also, once the floors are finished downstairs we'll be able to finish painting the dining room and finally move our gorgeous table in from the garage and the rest of the furniture in. We can't wait!

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