A Day in the Life

Here we are as of lately. It's crazy that we've only been in the house for a week and a half because we've gotten so much done. The upstairs floors are finished and they look beautiful thanks to our friend Nick (pics coming soon)! The bedrooms have been painted - the office and guest bedroom need a few more coats but we're finally living in our bedroom (by living in, I mean sleeping on our mattress which is on the floor). 

Brandon has been working insanely hard tearing out layers upon layers of kitchen flooring (my poor beeb!) and we're happy to say that Nick is going to start laying the hardwood floors in there tomorrow (yay!). The amount of tile that was underneath the ceramic was crazy and we could literally go through the different decades in which the tile was laid. B filled up two bagsters full of kitchen debris which will be picked up sometime this weekend/next week. 

We hired someone to come and scrape the living room ceiling so it wouldn't be textured anymore - his name is John Howard, the owner of Howie's painting, and is one of the nicest people ever. He just finished up yesterday and did an awesome job bringing our 1920's ceiling back. We plan on using him for other painting jobs around the house because he's a joy to be around and reasonably priced. He's going to fix the wall in the dining room where we ripped out the corner built in and can't wait to get started on that room. 

Yesterday we bought some stripper to strip the air vents which were covered in coats and coats of paint. The stuff we used worked like a dream and our vents are looking shiny and new. Everyone that see's them thinks that we should keep them the original silver but we're thinking of spray painting them a satin black. 

Other than that, we're just happy to have a roof over our head, a shower, a washer and dryer, and each other (and Richard, of course). For more adventures and photos, be sure to check out our instagram!

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