Oh Sh*t

Well friends, it's time to talk about toilets... I know, I know, you've been waiting patiently for this post and luckily today is the day. While perusing different websites trying to make the toughest decision of our lives, I couldn't help but crack up at Brandon's commentary on some of the models shown and the descriptions they entail. For instance:

The toilet section on the Kohler site reads "It's happening again." in which Brandon thought it was a good time to talk about how that sounds like you're about to poop your pants, again (please excuse how crude we are in this entry, but hey, everyone poops!).

While looking at this particular model Brandon commented "Ah, Brandon got drunk and peed in the recycling bin again!"

Eventually, we decided on this cutie. Its white, it's round, the lever is good looking (if that's even a thing), and it's at comfort height (which I found out means it makes sitting down and standing up easier for adults). We can't wait for you to come over and use it!

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