Babbling no. 7

We should all just come to the understanding that I am the worst blogger ever. Like, you want to know paint colors for our house or kitchen? Well you won't find them here because I never wrote about it, haha (but for future reference all of the white in our house is 'Simply White' by Benjamin Moore - including our kitchen cabinets).

I will say that since baby boy has been in the world, life has gotten a lot busier (as you can imagine). Between figuring out his sleep schedule, playtime and feedings I'm exhausted and blogging is the last thing I think about. But you can always count on our instagram! B is great about posting to our stories and I tend to post photos to our feed from time to time (I promise I'll get better about it). I'm not saying I'm going to stop blogging - I'm going to try to keep this series going consistently from here on out - but if you're wondering how we did something or want to know where we got this or that send us a message :)

Now onto the real post!

Can you guys believe that Halloween is less than a week away?! My mind is seriously blown! Because it 'snuck' up on us this year, we're keeping costumes nice and simple. Jack will be a jack-o'lantern, I will most likely be a black cat, and I think B will be a ghost. Nice and classic. 

I'm finally in the festive spirit to decorate! We bought a ton of pumpkins and put them on the porch, fireplace mantle, bookshelves and even the stool on the landing of the stairs. We also bought cornstalks and added them to our front porch and garage. I love the look of them and surprisingly enough the squirrels and deer haven't gotten to them (yet)! Oh and I of course had to put up bats... I know everyone does nowadays but I think they look super cute and festive. I bought some years ago when we lived in our old house but ended up buying a new pack because the old ones didn't stick very well. 

Our weekends lately have been full of fun filled (usually last minute) activities. Last weekend we went to the nature center then ended up grabbing some drinks outside at the Ferndale Project and this weekend we went to a fall festival at the local school farm and yesterday we had dinner with some friends to celebrate their new (and amazing) house!

This week my sister is coming to town and is staying with us for a night or two so I plan on cleaning the house (as much as I can). I also want to bake something - maybe cut out sugar cookies. I made pumpkin bars last week and they were SO good, but I think I need to make things in small batches because I tend to want to eat all of them, haha. I also have some things I'd like B to do... like hang some prints in the living room, clean his office (which is a disaster zone), and call the drywaller - all the fun stuff. 

Anyways, I hope you're all doing well! Stay tuned for a post on some things that I'm loving lately and perhaps I'll even get some gift guides done early this year! 

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