Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Ok, how is it the middle of December already?! I started working on this gift guide after I posted the other ones but I never got around to finishing it... until now (thanks for the reminder Lindsy!). There are lots of fun activities included in this gift guide hopefully to keep your kids nice and busy (you're welcome!). I hope you enjoy!

1. Guess Who? // One of my favorite games when I was a kid. I love the "retro" version of board games so I always try to go for those ones. Other favorites include: Clue and Sorry!

2. Ballerina pj's // How cute are these? I ended up buying these for my niece :) Old Navy has all kinds of cute pajamas for kids and babies it was so hard to choose.

3. Finger puppets // Super hero finger puppets to entertain the little ones in your life! 

4. Weaving loom // I love kits like these... I would've been obsessed with this as a kid. I loved crafting and I feel like it's great for their motor skills. 

5. Inflatable sled // Truth: I love sledding but I haven't been in soooooooo long... it's such a fun outdoor activity! Anyways, there are different options for this sled (tubes, toboggan and even inflatable "snow mobiles," haha) but I love the classic plaid. Also, if you're looking for a pull sled that will last years and years to come, this L.L. Bean one looks awesome. 

6. Wooden spaceship kit // Ok, Kid Made Modern has the best kits ever for any kid in your life. I bought this kit for one of my nieces and this one for the other. This is a great stocking stuffer as well. 

7. Giant crazy crayon // Super fun crayon for those who love coloring.

8. Seed slinger slingshot // You might be like, "what the hell Jenna? A slingshot?!" but this is super adorable because your little one can slingshot seeds into the yard, forest or anywhere that is void of plant life. It also has a cute little merit badge and instructions on how to make your own seed balls at home.

9. Castle stacker // I am all for wooden toys and blocks and I love the natural wood mixed with the red. Your little one will have tons of fun putting this tiny castle together.

10. Search & find puzzle // Who doesn't love puzzles? It's an especially great time to stock up on this time consuming activity and this one is educational as well. 

11. Activity roll // Six feet of activities! It also comes with colored pencils so not only can you do the activities, you can also color them in. 

12. Friendship bracelet kit // Ok, I had no idea that these Klutz kits were still around but I'm so glad that they are. Pretty sure I had this kit as a kid! 

Other gift ideas:

I actually was going to put this Paint by Sticker book on the list above but I forgot to add the picture to the graphic (haha). It looks awesome!

An all-in-one easel for your little artist!

A little pricey but I would've LOVED these shoes when I was little. These are also super cute.

Slippers to match mom and dad's. Or these ones to match their favorite food (and they're hilarious).

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